Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQ's

Basketball Queensland made the decision to look at alternate platforms after being with Gameday for an extended period of time. Basketball Connect was decided due to the capacity for live scoring and financial improvements. Information on BasketballConnect is available on the BQ website HERE.

To participate in a competition, your registration must be valid for the entire duration of the season. If your registration will expire before the end of the season, the registration form will include the registration renewal at the start of the season. For more information, please see BQ’s article HERE.

The registration process is very similar to previous years. Please ensure you use the same username. Using alternative email addresses may result in additional fees. You will receive a link from your club, competition manager or your team captain.

For events and programs, a registration link is provided via our website.

The BasketballConnect app provides the easiest way to keep track of future games and check previous results. Download the app from the app store or Google Play, links available via the BQ website here.

Draws are visible once they have been published by Gold Coast Basketball.

Gold Coast Basketball, Basketball Queensland and each of our junior clubs are separate entities. In order to be eligible to play within a competition, players must be registered with all levels. The registration form provided for each competition will have each cost included within. Cost breakdowns are provided on the competition details page (JuniorsSeniors)

Junior clubs provide a cost breakdown at the start of the season, if needed they can be contacted via the information on our club’s contact page.

Venue availability is often the cause of lengthy breaks during competitions. Although we strive to minimize these breaks, it is not always feasible.


Competition FAQ's

Junior Competitions

To ensure proper grading of games, we need to schedule week by week. As soon as the teams are graded, we make every effort to release the schedule promptly. However, please keep in mind that Gold Coast Basketball reserves the right to modify game times and locations during the season.

Senior Competitions

While no grading rounds are used, changes can still occur due to teams entering, changing division or withdrawing from the competition. Gold Coast Basketball makes every effort to ensure that game times are published accurately no later than the Friday prior to each round. If changes occur past this time, each team captain impacted will be notified to inform their team.

Competition game timeslots for juniors are organized by age groups, with younger groups getting earlier slots. While we aim to accommodate NSW daylight saving, it’s not always possible.

Competition fixtures can be accessed on our website or the Basketball Connect app. Team managers may also send you weekly game information.

Gold Coast Basketball doesn’t own any stadiums and relies on venue availability to run competitions. The Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre in Carrara is council-owned and is a leading precinct for hosting major and international events. When it is unavailable, we must find alternative venues.

Due to venue availability and competition size, a 9.20 timeslot is needed to have the capacity to provide basketball games. We aim to schedule the under-18 age group for the 9:20 PM timeslot.

We currently have a shortage of referees to cater for the size of our competitions. Gold Coast Basketball relies on junior referees for senior games to improve our capacity of providing qualified referees for each game. We are constantly seeking to recruit more referees. If you are interested in this opportunity, kindly send an email to referees@gccrba.com.au.

Due to a shortage of referees, some games have solo referees. We are actively seeking more referees and encourage interested individuals to email referees@gccrba.com.au.

We have now established our referee pathways for Gold Coast and have aligned our levels with Basketball Queensland. For further information – please email referees@gccrba.com.au


Gold Coast Basketball Association was started in 1959. Our goal is to be a progressive sporting organisation that enhances opportunities for all members of the community to participate in basketball in a family friendly environment.