Scoring & Stats


How To Become A Scorer or Statitician?

  • Gold Coast Basketball, working in conjunction with Basketball Qld and Basketball Australia has various pathways in place to allow you to further advance your Scorebench and Stats learning. 
  • For more information on becoming involved with Scoring or Stats, contact us at


Gold Coast Basketball require scoretable officials for all NBL1, QSL1 and QSLYL home games this season.

These are paid positions for accredited scorers.

If you are interested please email us at


Becoming A Statistician

To become a statistician, you must be in Year 12 or above and have a basic knowledge of basketball. Some experience with computers is also advantageous. 
Prospective statisticians start their journey as a Trainee statistician capturing stats on live games. After you complete your traineeship on live games (approx. 10 games) you are ready to complete the Level 1 statistics assessment.
Minimum age 17 / Year 12 at School
Contact us to start training as a statistition.
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What to Expect

Scoretable: A minimum of level 1 scoretable is required to be eligible for QSLYL and QSL1 scoretable and level 2 for NBL1 scoretable.

Statisticians: QSL1 is the introductory level for statisticians. New statisticians are required to have a minimum of 10 games experience as a ‘trainee’ statistician before completing a level 1 theory course. A level 1 qualification is required before being rostered onto NBL1 games.

Anyone rostered for at least 2 NBL1/QSL1/QSLYL home games as a scorebench or statistician is eligible to receive 2 season passes to all our regular season games.


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