Scoring & Stats


How To Become A Scorer or Statitician?

  • Gold Coast Basketball, working in conjunction with Basketball Qld and Basketball Australia has various pathways in place to allow you to further advance your Scorebench and Stats learning. 
  • For more information on becoming involved with Scoring or Stats, contact us at
July Scoretable Course Poster

SCORETABLE Level 1 Course

Scoretable courses are typically run at the start or end of a school term to align with each representative season. When a course is available, information will be available here for how to register.


Becoming A Statistician

To become a statistician, you must be in Year 12 or above and have a basic knowledge of basketball. Some experience with computers is also advantageous. 
Prospective statisticians start their journey as a Trainee statistician capturing stats on live games. After you complete your traineeship on live games (approx. 10 games) you are ready to complete the Level 1 statistics assessment.
Minimum age 17 / Year 12 at School
Contact us to start training as a statistition.
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What to Expect

Scoretable: A minimum of level 1 scoretable is required to be eligible for QSLYL and QSL1 scoretable and level 2 for NBL1 scoretable.

Statisticians: QSL1 is the introductory level for statisticians. New statisticians are required to have a minimum of 10 games experience as a ‘trainee’ statistician before completing a level 1 theory course. A level 1 qualification is required before being rostered onto NBL1 games.


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