GC Basketball is Looking for Statisticians

Want to be closer to the action – Gold Coast Basketball are taking expressions of interest to join our Statisticians team.

What does being a statistician involve?

A Basketball Statistician is a game official who is responsible for recording all basketball actions (e.g. rebound, assist, block etc) for both teams during a game. The effective recording of statistics usually requires at least two people. One to “call” the game by commentating every event which requires statistical recording and the other to “record” the game by making the statistical entries and following the caller’s instructions.

Gold Coast Rollers are represented in both NBL1 and QSL1 state league competitions with statistics recorded for all games. With the state league seasons running through August, this is an excellent opportunity to learn a new skill.

Why join as a statistician?

– It’s fun.
– You get the best seat in the house
– It’s a great way to be involved in basketball outside of
coaching, playing and refereeing
– You provide a valuable service to the wider basketball community
– Learn and appreciate more about the game of basketball
– Meet people with similar interests
– It’s not a time-consuming position with no duties to perform
outside of the actual game
– Full training is provided

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